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Foodie – Food / restaurant delivery mobile app design UI kit

Foodie – Food/restaurant delivery mobile app design UI kit for Figma is a comprehensive and beautifully designed set of templates and elements specifically created for building food delivery/restaurant apps.

(2) User flows include:

  • User onboarding or first-time experience flow
  • Food ordering flow

(40+) Screens include:

  • Welcome & Get Started
  • Signup
  • Phone Verification
  • Account Setup: Step by Step (4 steps)
  • Home
  • Restaurant detail screen
  • Food detail screen
  • Reviews & Rating
  • Action Sheet
  • Search
  • Cart
  • Add order notes
  • Select payment method
  • Loading state
  • Active order screen
  • Chat
  • Order history
  • Review & rate screen
  • Favorite list
  • Account
  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • Help
  • Referral

Why Nucleus UI Theme Kit:

  • Easy customization of components and style library.
  • Auto Layout & Constraints enabled components for seamless resizing and repositioning when making adjustments.
  • Global design standards. Including a 4pt-grid and WCAG 2.1 compliance, components naming convention, and other things inspired by the design systems of top products like Uber, Shopify, Atlassian, and Google Material.

With the Nucleus UI Theme kit, work smarter, faster, and better – You'll have everything you need to design a stunning and user-friendly mobile app.

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating everything from scratch, save hundred hours of the design process, and focus on creating the perfect experience for your users.


What you see is what you get:
We're committed to being as transparent as possible to give you a preview, so you know what you will get

Foodie Flutter UI Kit for developers:

Featuring over 100+ ready-to-use elements. Foodie Flutter UI Kit is a meticulously designed and developed multi-purpose mobile application UI Kit using Flutter. Built with the power of Google's open-source mobile application development SDK, Foodie Flutter UI Kit empowers developers to effortlessly tailor the source code to align with their unique business requirements.

This flexible solution supports both Android and iOS platforms, providing versatility and accessibility for a wide range of users. Simplify your app development journey with Foodie Apps and unlock the potential for seamless and scalable business solutions.


What you see is what you get:
We're committed to being as transparent as possible to give you a preview, so you know what you will get

Get more UI Superpowers with Nucleus UI PLUS – $109

Nucleus UI Plus is an all-in-one UI Kit and design system for Figma to supercharge your design workflow, kick-start your project faster and level up your process.

Unpack over thousands of components and variants, 500+ mobile screens (with eight different themes from Event, E-commerce, Finance, NFT, etc. – including Foodie – Food/restaurant delivery mobile app design UI kit) for only $109.


Preview NUCLEUS UI PLUS in Figma
Change log (latest update: Dec 21, 2022)

About Nucleus UI

At Nucleus UI, our mission is to provide a beautiful and practical UI Kit & Design System that helps designers, agencies, and businesses speed up their processes while maintaining high standards and quality.

We understand the importance of an efficient and well-designed user interface, and that's why we strive to create UI kits that are visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly.

Nucleus UI was born as an open-source project to support the design community with beautiful and practical design kits. With the success of our open-source project, we have now expanded to offer paid themes and added even more superpowers with Nucleus UI Plus.

❤️ 350+ upvotes in Product Hunt.
⭐ 20,000+ downloads & 750+ likes in Figma Community.
🔒 Secure payment process via Gumroad (128-bit SSL encrypted payments).

Available for Hire

We're ready to assist you with designing your next mobile app project. Reach out to us at to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software do I need to use for the UI kits?
    You will need Figma to use the UI kit you purchase here.
  • What knowledge or skill do I need to use the UI kits?
    Our goal is to make our UI kits as accessible as possible, including those without a design background. However, a basic understanding of utilizing Figma is required.
  • What is included in a UI kit?
    Each UI Kit includes a series of design screens, pre-built components, and basic styles to help you customize the design.
  • Will I receive free updates in the future?
    Yes! You'll receive lifetime updates for that product. This means you'll get access to all future updates and upgrades for free. We're dedicated to improving and enhancing our products and want our customers to have the best possible experience.
  • What's the difference between Personal and Team Licenses?
    A personal license is only for individual users, while a team license is for multiple numbers of users.
  • Can I use it for commercial projects?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I use it for multiple projects?
    Of course, yes!
  • Can I use this to create and sell a product?
    No, you cannot use these resources to build, sell, or distribute products through your website or on any marketplaces.
  • Can I get an invoice?
    Simply click the "Generate" button on your receipt after your purchase. Check out this guide if you need help. And if you still have trouble, drop us an email at We're here to help!
  • Do you provide an educational discount?
    Students can enjoy a generous 50% discount with a valid ID and proof of eligibility. Send us an email at, and we'll help you get verified.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes, join us here. We offer a 30% commission on every sale made.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Sorry, we don’t accept refund requests. We understand that this might not be ideal, but once you've made a purchase, The UI kits are yours forever.
  • Can I upgrade my license?
    Sure, email us at
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Foodie – Food / restaurant delivery mobile app design UI kit

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